The 4 Foot Lighted Musical Animated Nutcracker

This is the 4′-tall nutcracker that appears to tap out a precise military cadence, accompanied by lights, music, and enthusiast movement in celebration of the holiday season. Though he can stand at attention in silent stillness as any nutcracker sentry, a press of a button spurs him into action as he begins tapping on his drum with illuminated drumsticks while his knees rise and fall as he “marches” in-place. A built-in wireless receiver enables him to stream music wirelessly from a smartphone, tablet, or other MP3 device to give the suggestion of accompaniment for one’s preferred holiday classics. His head turns side to side in apparent acknowledgement of onlookers while 17 LEDs disguised as jewels integrated into his waistcoat, drum, and solider’s beaver hat illuminate his assemblage. Price $499.95


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