The 15 Foot Illuminated Gingerbread House

This is the 15′-tall inflatable gingerbread house that suggests medieval lebkuckler bakers have themselves contributed to one’s holiday display.
The house is decorated with an assortment of sweets, all illuminated by 83 LEDs. Flavorful 4″-diam. red, blue, green, orange, and yellow gumdrops adorn both sides of its icing gables while two gingerbread figures flanking the door stand beneath two candy canes and a centrally located giant peppermint and massive 6″-diam. gumdrops. Twenty-two smaller red gumdrops decorate its 8′ 9″-high arched doorway that spans most walkways and allows adults to accompany children through its confectionery laden construction to holiday gatherings. Four tethers and 12 stakes secure it solidly into a snowy lawn.

The 15 Foot Illuminated Gingerbread House

Hammacher Schlemmer

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