Scandinavian Christmas Gnome Lights

Gnome couple with light will warm your heart this winter! It is very easy and safe to decorate. 3 “AA”size batteries are required when you want to light up the gnomes(not included in the package).Gnome, which is also called Tomte, or Nisse. It is part of Scandinavian mythology. According to Scandinavian folklore, they usually hide from humans and use magic. They are reputed to safeguard the farmer and his family against any misfortune, especially during the night. The physical appearance of a tomte is considered to be extremely short, elderly, with a long beard and dresses in farmer’s clothing.Each Gnome is handcrafted, carefully sewing with attention and love. Here are 2 colors to meet your demands of home decoration. They are absolutely charming and will win over any Gnome lover’s heart. Pick them and begin your gnome collection.

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